Developing and integrating management, technology, sales and marketing resources in a global IT company

Our client and their needs

The company grew as an Internet security provider and is ranked as one of the top global anti-malware application vendors today. It has more than 500 million users and is present in more than 100 countries around the world. Technology was the core competency from the very beginning, with a focus on the product quality.

The company hired and trained a large number of highly skilled IT specialists. As recognition of the product quality began to grow, the aim to become a global success was the next natural step. Technical competence was the company’s main asset. Sales, marketing, people management and a multinational workforce became increasingly critical subjects in a market lacking the necessary expertise, educational resources and previous references. The situation became a real challenge.

gustavkäser was chosen as a partner because of its local training experience and expertise in the international IT industry.

Our design and delivery

gustavkäser was in constant contact with the CEO. The first step involved working with the top management, almost all members of which were IT specialists, to develop people management skills. Team and individual approaches were used.

Under consideration of the challenges to be faced when approaching a global market, the company was reorganised. New departments were created, where technical staff members were stimulated to work together with sales and marketing employees.

gustavkäser began to work with people, product and project managers in long-term projects designed to develop management and leadership skills, communication abilities, and to build a missing and much-needed team spirit among people with very different backgrounds, objectives and job descriptions.

As of today, seven projects have been completed with more than 80 participants. Team and individual approaches were used in all projects; personal personality profiles (Insights Discovery) were generated and discussed. The process is still ongoing.

Our results and their impact

For several years now, gustavkäser and the company have been involved in close collaboration. One key result of this is that the company has made major advances towards the creation of a new culture, based on generating increased added value in a very diverse and global environment. A culture in which diversity generates complementarities (instead of adversities). As a result, the company has been able to improve the effectiveness of its activity. Today, less than 5% of its revenue comes from the local market.

The company and gustavkäser are planning to continue their cooperation and extend it on an international level.

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Какво казват клиентите за нас:

  • „Through the gustavkäser training I have learned to behave more decisively and to articulate clear messages. The 4 principles of leadership have been with me ever since. This makes me feel much better personally and makes it a lot easier to deal with my colleagues. I appreciate that every single day!“

    Daniela Hug

    Daniela Hug
    Operations Manager
    Volkshaus Basel

  • „Metrohm is proud of being the first gustavkäser client in Brazil. The first training session performed more than 10 years ago certainly helped us back then and highly contributed to improve our results. We have really close contact with gustavkäser and our annual plan of trainings consists of a diverse portfolio of modules, mainly focused on customer services, being applied to employees from lots of areas as well as trainings for the sales team.“

    Sandro Barriouevo

    Sandro Barriouevo
    Sales Manager

  • „I enjoy every day implementing and applying the practice-oriented lessons learned from the gustavkäser training with my team or partners.“

    Heinz Reber

    Heinz Reber
    Marketing and Sales Manager
    Chocolats Camille Bloch

  • „The experience of attending a gustavkäser training was excellent. I can clearly see my personal professional growth and the growth of my team. When visiting customers, I always bring in the knowledge of gustavkäser and achieve significant results with it“

    Marcelo Teodoro van Lieshout

    Marcelo Teodoro van Lieshout
    Regional Sales Manager




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