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In crises people show their best sides - and their worst. We at gustavkäser say "Visions determine our behaviour!" This is, what happens right now - in a drastic way! Our society tends to show its bad sides at the moment. The media report sick people in live tickers like goals in a football match. Corona panic leads to isolation, suspicion (even racism) and a climate of fear. The fear of the disease appears currently greater than the danger itself. The fear is so great that society is making itself ill. We are in the process of throwing overboard what constitutes life: humanity. Let us all be considerate, wash our hands, cough in our elbows and do not stop living!

It could be that in Italy's ports the ships are lying idle for the next time - AND it could also be that dolphins and other marine life will finally be allowed to take back their natural habitat. Dolphins have been sighted in Italian ports. It could be that people feel trapped in their houses/apartments - AND it could also be that they are finally singing together again, helping each other and experiencing a sense of community again for a long time. It could be that the closure of schools is an immense challenge for many parents - AND it could also be that many children have since long time been given the chance to finally become creative themselves and to slow down - parents may get to know their children on a new level. It could be, that our economy is suffering a tremendous damage - AND it could also be that we finally realize what is really important in our lives and that constant growth is an absurd idea of the consumer society. We have become the marionettes of the economy. It could be that you are somehow overwhelmed - AND it could also be that you feel that this crisis is a chance for a long overdue change, It seems, we are woken up because we were not ready to do it by ourselves. Because our future is at stake!

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