Chance Management
Dealing with Alternatives


  • Recognising and realising opportunities
  • Analysing complex information in a strategic and function related way
  • Gaining confidence in solving problems in complex situations

Target group

Managing directors, project leaders as well as managers on all levels


Clearly recognise future-oriented decisions and implement them in a consistent way:

  • The human being as part of the decision situation: the importance of attitude, knowledge, imagination and creativity
  • Opening and closing as fundamental principle to solve problems
  • How to analyse information correctly?
  • How to make the best choice in a function- and objective-oriented way?
  • How to check submissions to facilitate the decision-making process?
  • Techniques of decision-making: elaboration of the decision matrix
  • Decision control: dealing with uncertainties and risk
  • Visualisation of decision situations
  • Methodical proceeding in project groups: How to make a conference (workshop, discussion etc.) an efficient tool?
  • Carrying through decisions without causing big conflicts
  • Convincing decision presentations


  • Practice-oriented intensive training
  • Exercises, role plays, to cover the above-mentioned content
  • Analysis and coaching on current practical situations
  • Transfer from theory into practice by setting objectives and participants' practice reports
  • Personal action plan and implementation
  • Development of best practice procedures


The gustavkäser Learning Journey



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