Dealing with Oneself, Level 1
Boosting Potential


  • Increase of frustration tolerance
  • Recognising one's own behavioural patterns (which tend to repeat themselves if no counteractions are taken)
  • Use of imaginative power (I am what I think.)
  • Become relaxed
  • Dealing with confrontations methodically

Target group

People who want to release energies to cope with the even most difficult situations


During the training "Dealing with Oneself" the participants experience

  • to activate and regenerate their energy reserves
  • to have a more conscious influence on daily life
  • to recognise the roots of decisions and to change them if necessary
  • to deal more specifically with conflicts
  • what makes them vulnerable and how they can prepare themselves against this
  • to reinforce the desired behavioural patterns


  • Intensive training
  • Learning talks
  • Experiences, experiments, working individually and in pairs
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