Team Development
1 + 1 = 3


Team-oriented thinking and acting / handling conflict
Efficient co-operation and how to use the full potential of different team members

Target group

Teams who work together constantly, only selectively or completely virtually
Teams who wish to better understand each other and build on the strengths to function at peak performance


  • Personal qualities needed to handle conflict positively
  • Develop self-image and group image for criteria of effectiveness and team criteria
  • X-ray of the existing team, IS and SHOULD definition
  • Fun enactment of our own behaviour structure as well as that of team members and the whole team
  • Handling conflict between personal expectations and reality
  • 4 specific techniques to deal with confrontations
  • Personal analysis of mental performance
  • Development and reasons for change of leadership styles
  • Feedback on strengths and possibilities for improvement
  • Experience thoughts as forces - multipliers (individually and as a team)
  • Action plan (objectives to put into practice in the company)


  • Intensive training
  • Team- and group work
  • Experiences through experiments in everyday life

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