Crossfunctional Skills

Dealing with Oneself, Level 2
Becoming Who I Can Be


  • Become more relaxed to cope with everyday life
  • Project one's own strengths into the future
  • Consciously bring out and shape what is hidden inside
  • Tackle mentally the tasks we are facing

Target group

People who want to create their future actively by using the energies discovered during the training "Dealing with Oneself, Level 1"


During the training "Dealing with Oneself, Level 2" the participants experience

  • refresh and deepen the learnings from level 1
  • gage in exchange with the other participants
  • x-ray their own history
  • project professional and personal tasks into the future
  • reactivate what has been lost and hidden
  • strengthen the "good" and to deal with the characteristics that disturb them in a more relaxed manner
  • give a final farewell to obstacles


  • Intensive training
  • Learning talks
  • Experiences, experiments, working individually and in pairs

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