What is BCA 361°?

Quantify your personal qualities from all perspectives.

BCA 361° is based on a 360° process. It enables users online to benchmark the range of practices deployed by an individual in his or her professional environment.

This process uses a unique reference system for evaluating behaviours which can be observed and described in the same manner for everyone.

Such a working method avoids personal judgements which by their intrinsic nature are based on varying and subjective value scales. The objective is not to produce a grade or a personal evaluation by one person, but rather to determine, among four levels of practice, which one is more frequently observed.


Make your fundamental and applied behaviour measurable and select your focus from the areas of Leadership & Management or Sales Performance. As a result, a more objective approach is provided along with more accurate results, which make it possible to set up and monitor a personalised action plan.


What are your benefits?

Discover true insights on development opportunities.

Obtain a personal evaluation

  • Get an accurate idea of the impact of one‘s behaviour on one‘s immediate professional environment
  • Carry out an initial evaluation before an internal evolution or individual/group coaching session

Additional support for coaching / training initiatives

  • Identify individual learning priorities
  • Increase the success of training programmes
  • Optimised preparation of an evaluation meeting or an individual coaching session
  • Measure the results and progress achieved

Promote the company‘s business culture

  • Evaluate managerial and commercial practices among a target group
  • Compare the practices of various groups
  • Identify the major trends and developments characterising the company‘s business culture
  • Set up and implement a common basic set of behavioural practices

What is the result?

Let‘s close your individual knowing-doing gap.

  • Individual report with evaluation of all criteria
  • Knowledge gain of the own assessment and the external evaluation
  • Objectification of the analysis by anonymised evaluators
  • Interpretation of report with gustavkäser partner for the determination of the individual competence profile
  • Derivation of the individual learning and development goals by a personal action plan

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